Best Box Springs of 2021

A box spring is basically a bed base. While not all beds call for one, the foundation is essential in many cases—and some people just prefer having one. Usually made of wood or sturdy metal with a cloth cover, box springs make up the bottom portion of a bed, bridging the gap between your mattress and the floor. They traditionally featured internal springs, but many modern designs use metal rods instead.

If you have a good mattress and a headboard you love, a box spring might be all you’re missing. Besides elevating your bed, some mattress warranties require a foundation because it absorbs impact.

A box spring is mostly hidden underneath your mattress and bedding, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it any thought. There are various types, tiers, and features, all of which you should consider when shopping around. To make things a little easier, we rounded up the best box springs available today.